Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wikipedia writers' strike

Of course Wikipedia already has extensive coverage of the WGA Strike (it's a writers strike, after all). What are the Wikipedians, the largest collection of unpaid writers ever, saying about the strike on the wiki discussion page?

Wikipedia Writer's Strike
Because we should be payed too. 18:13

Ten cents, please. :-P --Father Goose

With quality writing like that, I think we should settle quickly for whatever we can get. (-: DirectRevelation

Tar and feather the producers
Am I just being overly neutral here, or does the article seem to be a tad less than neutral here? We are hearing the point of view - in depth - fromthe writers, but not that from the producers. I am not suggesting that their arguments aren't valid, but this is supposed to be a neutral encyclopedia. perhaps a stab at neutrality might be something we should be working a bit harder at. - Arcayne

I think that is somewhat unrealistic if the strike draws on. 12,000 disgruntled writers have just effectively become unemployed. Unless movie executives suddenly find a lot of spare time, it's sort of unavoidable. Especially if you remember that the writers are, well, writers. Wait until the strike is long over, and the people lose interest. Then the real work can begin.--

heh. Maybe it's because the neutral view is that the producers are wrong. Once the strike is "long over", as the above user says, we'll be able to see that all the more clearer. --

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