Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A match made in heaven

So far the writers strikers have been very effective at penning witty "why we strike" op-ed pieces in pretty much every single major news outlet. But intimidate on the picket line? They couldn't even scare off Ellen DeGeneres from crossing the picket line. Most writers can't act or do cinematography, so what makes anyone think they can strike?

On the other hand, the stage hands striking have not written a cute article for The New Yorker or helped Maureen Dowd make her column funny. But they've just shut Broadway down because they know how to run a picket line.

The solution is obvious: Merge the Writers Guild of America and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees to the International Alliance of American Guilds of Theatrical Stage Employees and Writers (IAAGTSEW). Let the writers do the PR for both strikes and let the stage hands do all the picketing.

Thanks to yayaempress for photo. I wouldn't cross that line!

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