Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gawker calls WGA strikers unfunny monkeys

If Gawker writers wanted more money from their CEO Nick Denton, could they write a funny episode of Cheers in protest?

Gawker expects nothing short of hilarity in print writing from TV and screen writers:
Now that they're on strike, it seems like screenwriters are busier and more productive than ever. But left to their own devices, it turns out that they are a distinctly unfunny bunch. Put a bunch of 'em in a room and eventually they'll write Six Feet Under, but in the end they're just monkeys—monkeys writing for the LA Times and New York mag and making their own blogs [link to yours truly] and getting all up on the HuffPo.
Now, we've acknowledged the shortcomings of many writings of striking writers and have called for better. It's getting better.

We'd like to ask the Gawker writers to have faith. The WGA will support you when you protest for a less depressing office (photo top right).

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