Saturday, November 10, 2007

Who are most hardcore strikers: West Coast or East Coast writers?

Even the solidarity generated by a strike can't quell all East Coast, West Coast anxieties in the entertainment business. While pre-strike one might have bickered over who writes better quality material, we now must ask who's the better striker. An anonymous NYU student has had it with West Coast weather wining:
The high today was supposedly in the mid-forties, but the temperature sign on the top of the CNN building ticked back and forth between 38 and 42 degrees for most of the day.

Which means, if I see one more post from an LA-based striker complaining about being chilly, and then posting pictures of themselves strolling around under palm trees while wearing t-shirts and shorts? I will be forced to throw a hissy-fit, or maybe bring a space-heater to tomorrow's picket.

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