Monday, February 4, 2008

After the strike: Will writers still get screwed?

Word's spreading that the strike's coming to an end. Newscorp chief Peter Chernin apparently told buddies at the Super Bowl that a settlement has been reached.

But life goes on, even after victory. And writers will still need studio execs, producers and directors to share creative vision to make great entertainment. The NY Times thinks the studios will screw writers harder than ever before. Brett Ratner (as imagined by sick but funny minds) explains that WGA stands for “Whiny Girl Assfaces”.


Anonymous said...

Can't you see the writing? The producers are speading this business about the strike ending before they present their new contract in order to force the writer's hand.

Don't buy it.

Anonymous said...

I am getting tired of watching old DVDs of my favorite shows as there is nothing on TV right now but those stupid reality shows - sick of those and these game shows that are just as bad as the reality shows. I hope that we will get our full schedule of episodes for our favorite shows and not get screwed by the broadcasting networks cause they dont want to run over into the summer stuff - tough sh#$%^&t

24 where are you?


Anonymous said...

u know at this point screw the writers every one gets screwed on the enternet if u make people pay there just going to illegaly download the same stuff muscians have the same problem the writers have completely damaged the economy and probably long lasting cause this killed many new shows what it is is that the writers did not read their contracts well are were desperate and now that they have a steady show going there realizing o how can i bul @$#% some more money out of this u know they were making plenny of money before there were no writers going bankrupt besides they did not have to picket they should have just negotiated r if they were that upset just quit

if u feel the same way repost this on other walls if u dont feel the same way screw u and repost it any way

Anonymous said...

The writers are crybabies.

The punished the viewing public by stopping the TV season early.

Their strike actually encouraged mor file sharing and downloading.

I have no sympathy for them.

EVERYBODY should start downloading free movies, tv shows, etc.

Punish the writers for punishing the the viewers.