Thursday, February 7, 2008

Writers strike "economic catastrophe" (press request)

Here's a press request from our friends at Money Magazine. Please contact them if you're interested:
Here at Money we have a monthly feature called One Family’s Finances in which we look at the finances of a family going through some kind of relate-able economic catastrophe. I’d say that living for 3+ months without salary fits the bill! I’d love to do a story with a writer or other union member for whom the strike has taken a huge toll. The story would get across the points of the strike, but it would also personally help the family that volunteers in that we will be setting them up with a financial planner who will create a comprehensive financial plan for them.

I’m looking for someone who...
-->is comfortable with full financial disclosure
-->normally has an income of $100K or more
-->is aged between 30 to 60
-->married, possibly with kids
-->having some kind of financial trauma/anxiety as a result of the strike (maybe they’re realizing the didn’t have an emergency fund, maybe dipping into retirement savings, maybe building significant credit card debt, maybe afraid of not being able to pay the mortgage)

If you fit the bill and are interested, please email me a brief work history and financial story, with your age, location and contact info. And include a photo if you have one! Thanks much,
Margaret Magnarelli

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Slappy Joe said...

There is a huge poll going on at local station Hot 92.3fm that is asking if people think the writer's strike will affect the upcoming Oscars? To submit your opinion, or to see what the polls are saying, check out the link below: