Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Recession talk to be used to screw writers?

While it's common knowledge among economists that you don't know if you're in a recession until afterwards, Jeff Zucker has managed to figure out with 100% certainty that we're in one according to the NY Times (contradicting his boss at GE):
The decision to eliminate most pilots was made as the company looked for ways to cut costs in response to the Hollywood writers’ strike and the slowdown in the economy, Mr. Zucker said. “It’s clear we are in a recession in the United States, and we’re going to have to manage our business accordingly,” he said.
Will the media moguls hype up recession fears to scare writers into capitulation?


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Hammer Time News! said...

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Anonymous said...

1.6 billion dollars in lost revenue is attributed to you people.All of which could of been voided if your fucking president started negotiating with the studios like the DGA did instead of waiting at the last moment. What a bunch of pricks you all are.