Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Read what's not being written

Jonathan Green & Gabe Miller tipped us off to a very cool site they started called What Aren't You Writing? with pitches for pilots that aren't being written due to the strike.

Here are some gems:

"Women's Accounting Club"

Four very different female accountants work together to solve accounting mysteries, and in the process boost their emotional bottom lines.

...not written by Sheryl Zohn
"Jeff Did It"

A crime show about Jeff, Meg, and Lt. Spizer: a rag-tag team of NY detectives who are in charge of solving the city's most gruesome murders. The kicker is, Jeff did it. Jeff always does it. But since he's good looking, funny, and the gang has so much fun together at lunches no one ever figures it out.

...not written by Ali Waller
"Writers' Block"

An entire neighborhood is filled with writers who learn to overcome their writer's block by writing about each other and their struggles to write.

...not written by Sheryl Zohn

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