Thursday, January 10, 2008

Help from the Couch Potato Guild -- e-mail network heads

Sheryl, a TV fan, writes in with the message below to propose that viewers e-mail network heads with their thoughts on the strike. But she needs a list of e-mails.

Let's help her by guessing their e-mails. For example, e-mails at NBC work like this:

So NBC president Jeff Zucker is probably at:

Any other good guesses? Post them in the comments or e-mail me and I'll compile the list.

We are so tired of this strike and my husband and I went to tonight and saw that you can now download the 4th season of the office for free ( if you have Windows). I can't believe this is still going on. Don't you think if there was a way that the consumers (we) could contact the networks ourselves, we could get some response. After all, aren't we the ones who watch the programs and drive their ratings through the roof. We may not be able to change whether or not people watch re-runs on the networks, but, if we can get enough people to actually CONTACT the networks, which seems to be impossible, we might have a chance at helping you end this strike.

I think that if we start forwarding emails and ask everyone who receives the email to forward it to 10 friends and have each person send it to a VP or Pres. of the network, maybe they'd get annoyed enough to listen.

What do you think, because we all want you to get what is rightfully yours and long overdue.

Please let us know how we can help in this situation, it has gone on far too long. All I need is an email address for each network.


Sheryl Leyott


Anonymous said...

I support firing writers on strike. unions are a cancer.

Anonymous said...

Roger that. No sympathy for unions.

head hunter said...

Is the writers strike still going on? I haven't heard a peep about it on the local, national or cable news.

Anonymous said...

i think that jon stewart and the colbert report are doing just fine reality shows will get us off the tv drug and actually live life than watch it, i mean our family actually had to have a converstation at dinner

gee my daughter might have to read a book tonight and imagine

so i am pouting hard

Anonymous said...

Dont be stupid last commenter, if you fire the striking writers who is going to write the shows? you? The good writers are rare talent. And obviously since all the actors are supporting the strike, they have a good reason to.
I dont think spamming the networks with emails is the answer. You are just encouraging spamming. Which is even more evil than striking.
There isnt much viewers can do. Wait for the unions and networks to sort it out.
In the mean time watch the thousands of movies and tv shows that have been released already, you cant have seen everything.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but whether you watch TV or not, the television industry is an economic staple in our country. It almost single handedly employs LA. I'm sorry, but to say "Get up off your ass and go play outside" is ridiculous. Maybe if it was your carpentry job that payed your mortgage on the line you'd care a little more.

Anonymous said...

Ever thought of simply turning off the tv and reading books, going out? There's a life out of The office and other shows for losers.

Education is key said...

Unions are responsible for our current working regulations such as paid vacations, overtime pay, sick days, and work environment regulations. Education is key. Learn the facts before you fly off the handle. Go to to learn a thing or two.

Lotus said...

Your union sucks.

Unions ruin America.

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