Sunday, December 9, 2007

WSJ: Everyone's fucked, Who'll save us?

The Wall Street Journal isn't optimistic about this, saying the strike could last well into '08 "Barring the emergence of a new mediator who can rescue the situation".

Ideas for who could do such a historic act? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Photo by OkayCity.


ilovestabby said...

well, I'm an aspiring writer, and I've a long, long way to go in the field, however, I do support you guys in your strike. Writers deserve the credit which is due unto them. Without writers, we'd have nothing but crappy, quote: "reality shows" which are poorly put together by the big shot producers. When you guys eventually get your dues, I hope to join the writer's guild of America as a successful writer, so yeah...

If I have to watch "Crowned" one more time... said...

My top picks:
1. Setve Jobs (he's benefitting the most, right?)
2. Bono
3. Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacy as two rival, hard-nosed Chicago hostage negotiators.

Alternatively, the ghosts of George Burns, Johnnie Carson and Steve Allen could visit Leslie Moonves in his sleep Christmas Eve night and show him what his folly has done to all the poor writer's families, with their kids with limps and british accents, and he'll change his ways and pay you guys for the internet stuff. And probably buy you a ham or something.

Brady Bonk said...

Two words: Jimmy Carter.